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We use our existing and evolving bipartisan relationships with elected officials, government agencies, and stakeholders to drive results. Our utmost priority is creating value and fostering success for each of our clients. That means advocating for public policy, monitoring industry-relevant legislation, finding procurement opportunities, and helping our clients expand their business throughout the United States and globally.
With experience and knowledge in both the private and public sector, Paramount knows how to navigate the byzantine government processes in a rapidly-shifting political, economic, and technological landscape to achieve results.


Paramount specializes in public relations, crisis communications, and campaign messaging to ensure our clients’ voices are heard widely and clearly among all potential stakeholders. Neither a governmental organization nor a business can operate without a strong reputation and positive perception, and our team is committed to protecting and enhancing that reputation. Our ability to rapidly respond to crises ensures that losses are minimized in the event of an emergency.


With over a decade of consistent electoral successes, Paramount has the proven ability to achieve victory for campaigns of every size. We offer our services to all types of campaigns, from school board races to ballot referenda to presidential elections. We work with each client every step of the way to optimize outcomes in grassroots organizing, fundraising, and campaign messaging.
For the team at Paramount, every campaign is personal. We only work with candidates and on issues in which we believe. As a result, our clients can rest assured that we have a vested interest in their success and will not rest until election day has passed.


The team at Paramount has a variety of experiences and backgrounds which allows us to offer unique insight on many topics, ranging from electoral politics to corporate affairs to social issues. With experience in television, radio, and print, we can guarantee that an appearance by one of our team members will bring fresh commentary and perspective to any broadcast or article.

Government Affairs

Paramount provides government relations services in a multitude of sectors, from energy and technology to transportation and economic development. Our past work with municipalities, county leaders, state legislatures, and federal government has included advocacy, research, analysis, strategic planning, and procurement.
The individuals at Paramount utilize existing and evolving relationships to generate results. Our services bridge the divide between the public interest and private business to maximize value both for government agencies and taxpaying citizens.